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Knowledge and Autonomous Analytics

Processed data is information. The processed information is knowledge. Processed knowledge is wisdom. — Ankala V. Subbarao As we imagine, from IoT and the participatory sensing to the mobile crowd sensing, the data sources will reach an incredible number of units, shortly. According to a Gartner Report of 2015, in the year 2020, the IoT devices will reach the 50 billion, and according to Cisco forecast, in the same year the 70% of world population will be connected to the internet, it is about 5.4 billion of connected people. It is quite clear the vast resources need to process all that data, a lot of researches are in place to create new criterion to convert this information in knowledge, but will AI process this knowledge for us beginning the Gurus of future? About Autonomous Analytics here I find an interesting article: "The Impact of AI on Analytics: Machine-Generated Intelligence"